Submitted Form Data Keeps disappearing after submission

I have a custom form which requires users to complete a questionnaire triggered by a form button. Once completed I can access this data from an admin visible only to me to see the number of new profiles submitted. However, since it launched and after I had tested it I have lost all the data submitted from my tests as well as users data that was submitted within a few minutes of completion.

So firstly it reflects the submitted data on the glideapp sheets and not the google sheets correctly. Then after 1-3mins it stops showing and is permanently gone, it just disappears.

This is absolutely terrifying because its a 30 QnA form and convincing users to go through it again is going to be quite a struggle. Anyways if someone can help asap it would be great.

Do you have multiple users submitting a lot of data at once?

No, that hasn’t been the case yet.

Do you have a video of this happening? Is any data syncing between glide and google, or is it just certain data? Just trying to understand if there is a sync issue between glide and google that needs to be resolved.

Is the corresponding Google Sheet editable?


Certain data:

Video recording of testing problematic form

Picture showing data filled in from admin tab

Picture showing data having vanished from same tab

App link:

Yes it is. Data not linking or registering to google sheet happens in both apps I have working on as well.

Seems like you were sharing the same screenshots here. From the video, up until the end it seems that the data is indeed filled. Can you show the point where it vanished?

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