Student made bus app

I was able to have my students develop some apps to be used at the school. One that we are looking to use is our bus tracker. I have a simple list of the buses and the people monitoring the buses mark when they are here. The icon goes from green to red. I was wondering if someone here who has more experience than me can help with the following issues.

  1. A simpler way to mark buses here without going into the edit function for each individual bus
  2. A way that we can have teachers only with the access to edit the bus up but have one view-able for students and parents to see when their bus gets here
  3. A way for students to set a notification if their bus arrives
  4. A way to automatically reset the buses back to red for the next day.

Thanks for any help with this. I have 6 classes developing different sheets for GlideApp I plan to share what they have developed on here as well.

Bus GlideApp
Bus Google Sheet

So the students will be the ones who will be setting the flag that the bus has arrived correct?
Currently it doesn’t look like the app is whitelisted, meaning you don’t know who the current user is.
Had you thought about students fooling around and marking that the bus has arrived when it hasn’t? Or marking a bus arrival at not their own stop, again just being a wise guy?
Number 2: Where is here, the school? Not sure what you mean by “edit the bus up”?
Number 4: This would be very simple with a simple script to be run by an administrator. There would be a reset switch in the app that would be toggled to true and a timed trigger would run say every 5 min that would see the switch is set to true, it would set the status’s to false, then set the reset switch back to false.

I teach Career Tech Education for middle school students. Our assignment was to have the students set up the app. We actually have teachers and admins out to document what bus arrives at the school and at what time.
One of the add-ons suggested was for student users to flag when their bus arrives to their stop so we could track where it is at a given time, but figured that would be further down the road.

For my second feature I’d like to improve, “here” would be the school and it was a typographical error. I meant “edit the bus app.” As of right now I have it set up for users to edit the bus info and document when it arrives. We have not rolled it out to students because we are fearful they may inadvertently edit the bus and document that the “rolling road bus” arrived when it hasn’t yet.

Thanks for the information. I will try to create the script to reset the app

The sudo code/steps for creating it would go something like this:

Get a spreadsheet instance
Get a sheet instance for both AM and PM
Create a range instance for the column F row 3 through end for each
Create a data array with the data in those ranges .values()
Set all the values in the array to false by looping through the array
Write back the data to the range range.setValues(dataArray)

If you run into a road block just ask.

I’m sure you are aware of it but there are apps that when run on a phone will show on another device the location of the phone. I know all of my daughters use it on my grandkids phones, and visa versa, the kids know where mom and dad are as well. If the bus drivers had that installed on their phones, linked to school teachers and or administrators you would know. Even if the school provided the drivers with the phones on a very inexpensive plan you would be good. There may even be API’s with those services that you could use to integrate that info into an app. Just a thought.

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