Rotating school schedule and student's current location!

At my school, we have a rotating schedule. Students attend five of their seven classes on any given day. The next day starts with the next class in the rotation. After seven days, the rotating schedule resets. Since many students are learning remotely, we need to find a way to provide clarity to their daily schedule. Using some now formulas and date comparisons along with conditional Cloudinary images, I’ve managed to provide a solution for my students and colleagues.

Here is an excerpt from my recent newsletter:

Quite complicated on the backend:

But man, will this help our staff and students navigate these crazy times!


This is amazing!


This only works as a Pro app because we need to leverage the Now() formula. Would be killer if Glide ever allows us a Single Value Now() column (@Mark :pray:) …no lag. Right now there is a 3 minute lag between the sheet updating and then the Glide app sync—but all in all I love it!


@Robert_Petitto Are you building these as commissioned by schools? NYC schools are a hot mess and getting ready to have this type of rotating schedule for blended learning. Are you looking to build more apps like this? I would bring this to my son’s school principal. I wanted to offer to do something for them myself, but I don’t have any hours left in the day. You probably don’t either but I thought I would ask.


Robert sleeps like 2 hours a day, surely he will have time :laughing:


Well then we found the one person who might be sleeping less than you. :joy:


@Robert_Petitto, not to be dramatic, but I NEED to know how you do the birthdays. I need to create that in my app for employees with birthdays, anniversaries, and new hires. I understand from @ThinhDinh that this may require scripts…is there a more straightforward way to do it?

Hey, if you’re willing to send work my way, I’d be happy to listen! As for the birthdays, I don’t use any scripts. As long as the app is a pro app, it will work. I just use some spreadsheet Text() formulas to grab the month and day of the birthday and the same for the Today() formula. Then I do a mult relation to get a list of all birthdays that match today. Then I use the Join Text column to separate the relation with a birthday cake emoji :wink:


Robert, do you have a demo app available OR just some screenshots? You can email me directly at - I’d like to then start a thread with the school’s principal.

Very nice app and process issue solved. I use the NOW() function as well for a similar Work-from-home app that I built and it would be great if Glide offered a “now” solution natively. My assumption is that they will (along with other date calcs, etc.) once the Glide Sheets feature is in production.


Good job :+1:

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