Struggling to create App on Android

Dear All

first of all confratulations to your work. Great piece of programming - well done!!

I created an app with GlideApps and now I trying to have this on my Android phone as a native app. For some reason this doesn’t work as easy as in your tutorials and I do not understand why.

I have a Samsung S7Edge and run the Firefox app on my cell. When I sent the link for my app to my phone number the app opens in the browser, but I cabbot create the native app from here. There is just nothing that would allow me to do so.

Are there any settings I have to change?

Your help is highly appeciated.
Many thanks from Germany.

Please try this…

  1. Open Firefox for Android and go to your favorite web page.
  2. Press the Menu button (either [below the screen on some devices] or at the top-right corner of the browser) , then tap on Page.
  3. Tap Add Page Shortcut.
  4. Your shortcut should now appear on your home screen.


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I think many of use use Chrome on Android. Chrome gives you a link to create a homescreen shortcut. I haven’t used Firefox on my phone, but hopefully @B_Y solution helps you.

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Dear All
thanks for providing solutions for my problem. I think I figured out by now, that Firefox is not able to create Apps based on the link. I tried with Chrome and it works fine. I can live with that although I like firefox as a browser. Have to admit that I am a bit disappointed about Firefox now.

Many thanks again to all.