Linking to Webapps

I have a webapp built but want to make it much easier for users to access it from mobile devices.

Any tips on using Glide to make a shadow app who’s main function is to link users to the login page of my actual web app?

When you say webapp, do you mean something you created outside of Glide?

Yes - it’s custom built and complex.

Short of adding a link to it within a glide app, I can’t think of a better way. Why not just use the Add to Homescreen function of the browser to add a shortcut on the phone?

I’m trying to adapt this to a consumer app built for people on the go. Browsers are clumsy on mobile, so I thought this might be a solution.

If there is a way to get your web app to interact with a Google sheet, then that might be a possibility.

Glide apps run on a browser underneath the surface. Try creating a glide app that contains a link to your web app. I don’t think it will give you what you want, but something to try. I don’t think Glide allows the imbedding of outside websites, like iframes.