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Hope you are all well…I have hit a bump in the road, the logic seems clear but the practicality is a bit complicated for me at least.

The idea is that a user can click on a Card (List) and select book. The ‘book’ action has a condition attached to it. So for example you want to book an experience at company X. If you User Profile → Wallet Balance is empty you are prompted to ‘top up wallet’. Thats all good however when you click top up wallet it takes you to a stripe payment page that connects to a custom amount payment link which the user can specify how much they want to top up with. But how do you think I can bring this Value back into glide and specifically the User Profile → Wallet Balance column?

This will be used to deduct off the booking fee…

Would be a great help if someone could assist.


Mitchell Francis

I would suggest having a transactions table to store the users’ transactions. In a third party service like Make, create a flow to look for new completed payments and write that to the transactions table.

Then, for any purchases inside the app, also write to that transactions table, but in negative value.

Then, use a rollup based on the relation using the user’s ID/email and have their “live” wallet balance.

Thanks a lot man…The only issue i’m having now is that when a business adds themselves to the directory they need to be able to add multiple packages. So when they do that how do you think is the best way to integrate this into stripe…Was thinking if theres a list were they can add packages which creates products, prices and payment links? Thats my issue cause then that payment can be easily subtracted off the User Profile > Wallet balance?

Thanks alot for your help and patience!

So you’re hosting something like a marketplace?

Theoretically you can let them add the product and the price on the same row, then send the product name & price to Make, iteratively create the product in Stripe, then a price for it, and finally the payment link. Bring the payment link back to Glide.

Hey yeah thats the logic I thought but I got kinda going with Zapier. But the zap keeps stopping, I’ve asked on the Zapier Community forum but there moderators take forever to review a post before its posted - Screen Recording 2023-09-04 at - Google Drive Heres a link to the recording I made, If you have any ideas on what could be going wrong, would be very helpful…

I believe you should use the Product ID created in the previous step instead of the Product Name.


Same with this, Price should be linked with Price ID created in the previous step.


Thanks mate! Got it !!

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Great to hear!

Onto the next problem! :sweat_smile: So now that Zapier is working with regards to creating a product, assigning it a price and recording it in Google Sheets Im struggling to bring that data back into Glide. For example…

There is a product called Wallet top up which is a ‘user sets amount’ price. When someone fills this out it needs to assign the value of $ they entered to top up on in their User Profile. How would you go about selecting a specific product in stripe to record in G sheets?