Stripe Checkout Feature Requests

Stripe checkout feature requests

  1. All required fields that are necessary to complete a shipment, must be mandatory. This includes recipient name, recipient shipping address, recipient email and phone. And if this is a gift, the same fields for the person paying.

  2. A ‘gift’ option, if the person paying is sending to someone else.

  3. ZIP should be postcode for UK users.

  4. The unexpected crashing at checkout has to stop!

Until these are added, the 2% transaction charge for paid users is ridiculous. I rushed into launching Glide is great, but at the moment it is not a viable option for E-Commerce.

We are seriously considering moving off Glide until these issues are fixed.

ZIP code is now postal code! Thank you @david


We don’t know anything about “the unexpected crashing at checkout” with the Buy Button. Please be more specific, we might be able to figure out what’s going on.

Please note that on tablet and desktop the users still see ZIP

if we can have a second name input in shipping address section (for gifts) and all of these sections mandatory I will be very happy.

I’m in the UK and I can confirm the ZIP is showing on tablet and desktop. Fine on mobile.