Stripe Checkout - App:Sales - Paid at - Timezone UTC?

Hello Gliders,

After setting up Stripe Checkout, the completed orders that go into App:Sales spreadsheet have a field Paid at, which puts a timestamp on when the order was made. This time is currently UTC, do you know of any ways to change this to my timezone?

Got in touch with Stripe, but they were unable to help as this is more technical than the support can handle.

Any help here please?

Just do the math inside your spreadsheet to create a new column with the adjusted time. There’s plenty of info out there regarding this.

Tried to do this already,

but every new order that comes in, sees the new column’s (with formulas) rows as already taken and instead creates new rows at the bottom of the spreadsheet, essentially just skipping the rows that contain formulas.

Anything else please?

Are you using an arrayformula and deleting all of the empty rows? You can’t put a formula in each row for the reason you are experiencing. You should only need to create a formula once with the arrayformula, but you need to delete the empty rows because arrayformulas make all rows appear as populated. When a new row is added, the formula is automatically applied.

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Right, thank you very much! :slight_smile:

Think this is it!

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