How to have the right time in the sheet App : Sales Stripe

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I am sending this message since I need some help. I would like to have the right time in the App : Sales Stripe sheet. I tried to change the time zone in Stripe but I still have the same time. There is a gap of 1 hour between my time zone.

Is anyone has a solution to have the right time ?


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Thanks for raising your issue with the community. To help you find the best solution, I think that this post may be the one you’re looking for :

Hope this helps and let us know !

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Thanks @AymenM for your quick reply ! Indeed, this link help a lot !
However do you know where I may enter the formula ?


Hello back !

Happy to hear that you found a solution to your issue. You need to enter the most appropriate formula in your spreadsheet in the column where the time is not the same than your local one.

Hello again,

I tried to add the formula but I have an error, in attachment the error.

Could you please help ?


Any advice on this @Jeff_Hager ?

You don’t want to, and can’t for that matter, apply the formula into an existing column that’s already being filled by Glide. You will want to create a new column to perform the date math. I would also advise using an arrayformula, so you only need to apply the formula once on the first row, then delete all empty rows, so new rows aren’t added at the very bottom of the sheet.

Also, I know this is the case with the App:Logins sheet, so probably the same in the sales sheet, but the timestamp stored is in a string format instead of a date format, so you may need to convert it into a valid date before adding time to it.

Thanks @Jeff_Hager for this explanation.

However could you please tell me how may I convert it into a valid date before adding time to it ? And what is the content of arrayformula to be used ?

I am trying but I need some help to put this in place.


Can you try formatting the column as datetime value to see if it works?


I tried to formatting the column as datetime value and I was able to increase the time. Thanks !
Now I am looking an solution for not displaying the empty fields. if anyone can help please ? In attachment a screenshot.


Put in your S1 cell.

={"Hour Time Zone";ARRAYFORMULA(IF(R2:R<>"";R2:R+TEMPS(1;0;0);""))}

Thanks for your quick reply!
Here the result. I have an error message. In attachment the screenshot.

Make sure you are putting @ThinhDinh’s formula in row 1 and you do not have anything else is rows 2+ for that column.

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Thanks for your supports. I make sure that the formula is well in row 1.
I still have empty fields, may be I need to review formula in the column R. In attachment the formula.

Could you please advise ?

I put in my cells
={“Name”;ARRAYFORMULA(IF(Cell [number]: Column <>"" …

But for Split formula, could you please tell me the correct syntax ? I have some errors.



Can you give us a duplicate of that specific Sheet? Are there any specific reasons you want to have the “Hour to splitted”, “Hour splitted” and “Hour converted” columns?


I know it’s not the better solution to split by date and hour but I was trying to find a solution.
Please find the specific Sheet.

I would need some help to finalize this.
Please help


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Can you confirm this is what you want?


@ThinhDinh awesome it’s exactly what I want !
Can you please share your formula ?


It’s in the sheet in cell G1.