Strange bug on the datepicker

The day I select from the datepicker is different from what is written on the date field


They must have a bug with years that are are several years before or after today. Does it work if you use a more recent year?

The bug starts March 27, 1939 and ends October 30, 1939.
Before this interval and after … everything works fine
This is really strange !!!

That is really strange. I believe the date picker is now custom made by glide. It used to use the default browser date picker bit they changed it to be consistent bacross all browsers. I’ve done some date math in the past where I ran into issues with leap years and the different total number of days causing some date drifting in my math that I had to account for (kind of hard to explain). I wonder if it’s something similar when things don’t line up for that range of dates and you would run into it again if you went back 160 to 165 years in the past…or the future.

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