Strange app behavior on iPad

Good evening, everyone!
In my Glide aplication erything works: in the editor, on the desktop computer and on Android, but it doesn’t work on the iPad, regardless of which user is logged in
I deleted and downloaded the app on my iPad, but it still doesn’t work the way it does on other devices. This applies not only to the display of the selection symbol, but also to the calculation by columns.
I can’t understand why the cost calculation does not work, since everything works in the editor and only on the iPad does not work.

The video broadcast from the iPad screen and the glide editor.
Do you have any ideas why it doesn’t work only on the iPad?

From the video, it appears that you have one email you are looking at in the GDE and aother on the tablet. So a few things come to mind:

  1. users can have different data anyway
  2. you may have computed columns that use user-specific columns

I suspect this is data-design things in the way things work, or a simple mix on accounts, rather than a Glide issue.

Good luck solving your puzzle!

May be, but it normaly works on Android and desctop, no any mix on Desctop and android. And another if user login different email, the same problem - dont work only on ipad

Can you show how the columns are constructed, what the data looks like in the data editor, and how you are applying them to the components?

There are so many of them…
may be support link can help?

That won’t help me, but that might help Glide support if you submit your issue to them. Us users can’t do anything with support links. Only Glide employees can view those links.


Now i will try to record some video

I couldn’t tell for sure how you built the title component, but I did notice that the check marks in your list are using an experimental code column to get a result. What is the source URL for that EC column? I’m guessing that either the code is not written well, and not compatible with iPads, or the iPad has JavaScript turned off, so the code isn’t even running. Just keep in mind that computed columns compute on the user’s device. It doesn’t happen on the server. So if that experimental code can’t run correctly, it will affect every else that uses that column.

Honestly, it looks like the things you are trying to accomplish with the EC column could be done very easily with the other glide columns, just as Template or IF columns, which are much more stable and not experimental.

Yes, in this case I can write five case if, but in another part of my apps, if I need more then five, for example I don’t now how many, so what suggestion to repeat something n- times.
Thanks for advise!

Another case is: If then logic is not stable( don’t has logic in action tabs)
In this video I find problem and solved it, but the solution is enological.

Actualy it is not true, in this video im showing: PC instance, editor table and cast from ipad: when i changing user specific column(by set column) this action appears on all devices. Is possible only throw server? Right? May be i miss somthing?

Sorry for my English.

That’s good point. I guess it depend on the max number of elements you could have. Either you create a large IF column with several cases, or you can use some math. You could set up a math column with the following formula. Then you replace X with the number of checkmarks you would want:
If you pass 5 into X, then it would give you a result of 99999. Then you could create a template column that would replace each 9 with :heavy_check_mark:. It’s a two column solution that would use only two columns, but it would be using normal glide computed columns. The only limit would be the max number that a device could calculate to. It stopped working for me when I passed in a number larger than 15, but it would work if you didn’t need any more than 15 checkmarks for example.

Trying to follow what’s happing in this one. I’m not sure if the IF logic is necessarily unstable, or if it’s just working differently than we would expect. I see what you mean though. It seems like your “less than 5” condition should hit no matter what, but I’m guessing it’s something to do with the column being null initially. I think the condition is seeing that it’s less than 5, so it’s falling into that IF, but the increment is not working because it’s null and it’s hard to add 1 to null. Things get tricky in the coding world when working with null values and numbers. I guess you can consider this a bug though, since an increment action really should work whether the initial value in zero or null. I guess moving the check for empty to the front, like you showed in your video, is your best solution for now.

Yes, you are correct, but I don’t consider a user specific column to be a computed column. Just like a basic column, a user specific column still stores an actual value as opposed to computing it. You notice the delay when you make a change on the editor and it takes a few seconds to show up on your ipad. So, yes it is transferring that user specific value through the server, but on the other hand, computed columns, such as IF, Template, Math, Relation, Lookup, Rollup, etc. are computed on the user’s device. That doesn’t happen on the server. That’s why any changes that use those columns update instantly for the user whenever they change the data that affects those computed columns. They don’t have to wait for the data to sync to the server and update the result back to the user.

I believe that the Experimental Code column is also a computed column that is computed directly on the user’s device. I think it downloads the script code and then runs it instantly on the user’s device so it can give you instant results whenever the data that feeds it changes. I think for some reason, that EC script is not running on your ipad. If possible, I would check your ipad to see if you have any settings that would disable scripting. If it was, I think that more of the app wouldn’t be working, but it’s something to check. I don’t know anything about iOS devices, so I can’t help you there. Also, what OS version and Safari version are you running? Have you checked any other iOS devices to see if it’s just your ipad, or if it happens on other ipads or iphones?


Jeff_Haber was right, EC column does not work on iPad air.
And yes, I can do without , to calculate the cost of a furniture headset, but in the future, when forming an image of a headset from modules, I will need this function.
Earlier we discussed this issue on the forum (Repeating item acording with item qty ), but could not find a way to get n rows with the same value without using the action n times. Therefore, I decided to check the work . Thank you all for the tips! I hope it will appear as a stable version and will work on iPads!

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Thank you, simple programmer experience! Thanks!

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Yes, they do nothing in less 5, but! they also do nothing if empty! why?

Most likely, it checks the conditions even before pressing, because if the conditions cannot be met, then we do not see an indication of the possibility to pres

It’s strange, but even if you add any condition that gives the truth, but it works. No matter what condition