Stop users signing up to public app

Problem: I can only have 100 private users on my app, which forces me to switch my app to public users
Current Solution: If I switch to public anyone can sign up to the app, which creates a new row in Airtable and triggers a bunch of workflows and gives random access to my app. It also leads to issue when members try to sign in with the wrong email.

What I want:
Restrict sign-ins to only users that are already in my Airtable base and do not allow for the creation of new users by signing up. Kind of how private users work but without the restriction of 100 users.

Has anyone got a workaround for this?

A workaround:

  • Create a button Sign-up - opens a new screen
  • Create a “sign-up” screen with an email entry
  • Create a table in your date with a list of email domains available to use the app.

Email domains available

  • Create a condition in this “sign-up” screen you created in a button when the email entered in the email entry is included in the table of email domains available.

:warning: There’s many ways to do it, but if you need help, just reply here.