Stocks tracker app

Hi there, i wanted to know if this type of app would be possible.
I want to build a Yahoo Finance type app where each user can add their stocks to their portfolio and show the total.
So each user will see different data as they add it.
Im assuming this can be done be using per user data feature?

Also, how does it go as far as privacy for each user? How will their data/stocks be stored?

Is this a realistic project for glide?

Thanks in advance!!!

I know there’s a googlefinance formula available as well that might assist with this…haven’t played around with it, though.

Setting Row Owners will help keep things more secure and make per user data pretty easy, but ultimately the data is still stored an a google sheet within your account. Seems reasonable, and like @Robert_Petitto said, the googlefinance formula could be used to keep stock prices updated. Might need a timed trigger to keep the data updated if that works, or the Background Refresh with a Pro Account should make that work for sure.