Staging env and publishing control

Hey friends, I’m hoping to have a staging environment to test functions before publishing to custom domain. I’ve gone through search and doc for publishing control but couldn’t find what I need. Wondering if anyone can share how to achieve this?

For context:
I have manual-publish enabled. And I want to publish to for testing first. Only when ready, I then deploy to (custom domain)

Thank you for your time!

I don’t think there’s a direct way to do that. If you want to test on the published version of the app then the changes have to be published to your domain. In your case, it would only work if the app has not been shared to any users so far, or else they would see the changes regardless of them using or

Maybe after making all the changes, you can duplicate the app and test on that version, but any changes that you want to test must be made on both the original and the duplicate, so it’s 2x work.

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Got it. Wish they would have this feature since there’s already have a base domain setup.

Having staging env would speed up the dev work quite a bit.

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