Allow stage+production environments

In order to be able to replicate the stage environment-production environment model it would be very good to have the possibility of being able to make a copy of the developed application (in stage) and to be able to change the direction of the spreadsheet that contains the data; in this way the functionality can be developed on test data and once everything works fine to pass this new version to “production”.
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Great idea! Although we will likely use a less technical term like “drafts” and “versions” and “published version.”


A simple workaround would be as follows:

Create a duplicate of your app using the same spreadsheet. Rename it to “Staging.AppName”. When you’re happy with how it looks and ready to release the changes, head back to your original app and rename it to “Old.AppName.” Then, simply rename the Staging app to the original app name, and it should update immediately. Once you do this, you can delete “Old.AppName” and start this entire process again. Hope this helps!


Great idea, sorry for the need for a workaround! Someday we will have drafts/versions of your app. Not in the next six months, though.

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This is a really good idea.

Just be careful if you modify the structure of the spreadsheet in your development app. It could break things in your production app since they are both pointing to the same spreadsheet.

True. That’s a good point. The duplicate app can then only be used to play around with the layout without touching the spreadsheet.

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Hi David ?
Is there any news regarding draft/versions/stage/production environments?
Thanks !!

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