Test Environment / Sandbox

It is great that Glide immediately updates the live app as you make changes.

Sometimes, I am testing to see what a change would look like and don’t want users to experience this immediately.

It would be great if there was a test environment where a series of changes could be built and only push them to production after it was confirmed.

Is this something which has been considered?

Perhaps creating a duplicate app is the workaround?



You can create a copy ( you can use same file or have a copy of that too) and do the testing there . Once you’re ok with the change do the same on your live app and delete the copy

What is do the same?

Do the changes you did in your test app in your real app.
It’s kind of creating sendbox environment

Ok thanks. So remake the changes but after being sure all is ok.

Should be a simple replace one app from the other or similar

I suppose they could extend the glideapp platform to a git repository. And do the versioning that way. (sounds easier than done,… and if we get in that domain we’re getting close to other tools to use to build apps)

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