Application testing capabilities (urgent)

There’s a serious problem with Glide.
I currently have a PRO application that both I and the (corporate) users are very satisfied with. :slightly_smiling_face:
But when it comes to making changes, you have to make them on the production version, which makes it very difficult to include new functionality.
What I do is use another application (more or less similar to PRO) with other test data, but this application is not PRO, and I cannot test many of the PRO features in the test application.

This often means that I have to make changes directly on the production application and therefore risk breaking the application or losing data easily.

One (or all three) of these features would be required:

    • Test Environment (Pre, stage…or whatever you want to call it)
    • Possibility to export all the glide configuration in order to backup the application (the glide part) or to replicate the changes in another test application
  1. -To be able to make a private copy of the application (not necessarily public) and to be able to change the data sheet to which it is associated
    • Capabilities to recover from a backup copy