QA / Staging Testing Strategies

I am new to Glide and I was wondering if there is any documented strategies for doing QA/Staging testing of Glide Applications.

The aim would be to get users to train or test the Glide app, where all data entered would stay separated from the production data.
The testing could be for feature completeness or UX whatever, even if its to give users an environment to do training on the Glide Application, where they can enter in dummy data or training data and that data would not be visible in the Production Glide Application Interface.

Thanks in advance


You can duplicate the whole app or duplicate pages or elements inside the app for that purpose.


Thanks for responding. Do the duplicates stay in synchronisation? i.e. if you make a change to a user interface on the original, will the duplicate be updated?

No, you will have to update them every time you change.
Or You can use some marking that this is testing data, add a column to indicate that… then exclude all data with testing marks from your processing algorithms.
Now you need to figure out the least complicated method to apply in your case.

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