ALM / Version Control / DevOps in Glide Apps?

Is there a way implement the above with Glide Apps?

Ideally I need a dev, uat and production apps that I can push down a pipeline, with version control for safety backing up etc.

How is everyone managing this in Glide? Is it possible?

You can hire or contact one of our Experts if you want

Is that the only way to achieve my goal? I don’t have the money for that tbh. I’d just like to know how to have a Dev, uat and prod apps and be able to update them accordingly.

I’m sorry, so I didn’t understand well what exactly you need

For some context, from GPT-4:

Dev, UAT, and Production are terms used to describe different stages in the software development life cycle (SDLC) and refer to different environments where applications are deployed and tested. Each environment serves a specific purpose and helps maintain a structured and organized approach to software development and release.

  1. Dev (Development) Environment: The development environment is where the initial stage of software development takes place. Developers write and test code in this environment, typically on their local machines or on a shared development server. The primary purpose of the dev environment is to allow developers to build and test new features, bug fixes, and enhancements to the application without affecting the stable, working version of the software.

  2. UAT (User Acceptance Testing) Environment: User Acceptance Testing (UAT) is a critical phase in the software development process, where the developed application is tested by end-users or stakeholders to ensure it meets their requirements and expectations. The UAT environment is a separate, controlled environment that closely mirrors the production environment, but is isolated from it to prevent any accidental changes or issues affecting the live application. This environment allows users to test new features, provide feedback, and identify any issues before the application is deployed to production.

  3. Production Environment: The production environment is the final destination of the application, where it is made available to end-users. It is the live, working version of the software that has been thoroughly tested and deemed ready for use. The production environment is carefully managed and monitored to ensure the application’s stability, performance, and security. Any changes to the production environment are typically made through a controlled deployment process, which includes thorough testing in the development and UAT environments to minimize the risk of introducing new issues.

To answer @Wayne_S , no, we don’t have a native ability to do that (both for the environment and the version control). Each app is on its own and when you make a change to what you may call your “dev app” then that change must be made manually to your UAT and production apps.

Closest thing is manual publishing, I guess.