Spinner During Action

Was going to post a request for this but now seeing it in my app anyway, almost like magic!

When I tap a button with an action behind it, the button icon becomes an animated spinner for the duration of the action. Is this new? Did I miss it?

oooh yeah… I noticed this earlier today, but didn’t pay much attention to it.
I like it! :+1:

hmm… does that mean we no longer need to fiddle with visibility to avoid multiple action triggers? :thinking:

One can only hope. Gonna walk the dog now, then give it a try, unless you beat me to it …

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Yup. It works. Nice.

Good point.

Can’t say I noticed it myself, yet.

Although glide is pretty speedy for me today so little lag when performing multiple actions. :+1:

Will keep my eye out for it though…

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