Any insight on screen flow availability?

Hi @Antonio

Are you able to tell us if the screen flow builds will be released soon? Just trying to see if I need to build it from scratch or if I should wait for the rollout.



Also, double buttons and QR?

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@_eric Unfortunately and while cannot commit to a date, my honest advice to you would be that if you need this functionality really soon, you should try building it with the current tools and features we have available. The worst case scenario is that you would end up rebuilding it again in a much easier way once it is launched :wink: This feature will introduce many changes in the builder so I’m not sure how “soon” would be “soon enough” :wink:

@Antonio thanks so much for the reply. My use case would be to have this live when Glide rolls out native app publishing.

Do you know if this will be live by then or in conjunction to that? That will really speak to whether or not I need to build this now or wait.

The only reason I ask is because I want to focus my time strategically and don’t want to waste time building and then rebuilding. So if I had just a little more information I would know where to focus and where not to focus.