Sorting items by both users and date


I made this physical training app to send daily training sessions to players :

I made it to the point where each player can only see his sessions when signing in, which is great.

Using the calendar tool, I then linked sessions (consisting of a short introducing text for the chosen day) to a list of exercices (video and text instructions) stored in a different table. But even by adding a date column in both sessions and exercices tables, all the exercises showed up in every sessions and every day, making it unreadable for players.

A simple date filter (“Today”) deletes exercises tied to older sessions - I’d like to keep all the sessions and exercices available.

Do you know how to sort this out ? Is this related to the “Multiple relations” option ? How would that work ?

Any advice will be deeply appreciated, thanks !

I was taking a look at your app, but I didn’t see the problem you are explaining. Did you get this figured out?

Yes, I just see today your message sorry. I found the solution. I’ve use the “relation” tool in my sheet and that’s ok now.

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I use this discuss in order to ask question about the glide app pro version. If i’ve 3 apps and I buy the pro version, i’ve advantages for the 3 app or just one app ?
Thanks for your help.

Have a good day.

Hi Loulas, pro subscription is per app.

Thank you !

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