Need help for a coaching app (relation rows ?)

Hello there!

I’m new to Glide and I am currently struggling with a feature I want to implement for a coaching app. I’ve tried to observe other products made by the community, however I seem to not get how it works :frowning:

Let’s say each trainee have their own Training Programs, that I want to show in a specific tab. Each Training Program have a set of exercices. I’ve created a table to store all the types of exercices that can be populated in the programs.

I managed to make the Program view customed to the signed-in user, but I don’t know how to show the exercices that only relate to the program showed.
Do you have any clue on how I should set up my tables ? Thank you for the help :smile:

Have a look at the following:

This two link cover exactly the same thing via different angles.


You can create a relation between the “Exercice List” column in the “Programme sport” table and the “Key” column in the “Biblio Exercise” table.
I believe this will bring up the visualization of the specific exercises in the program.


Hello @nathanaelb @Marcos_Aquino,

Thank you for your answers.

I tried adding a relation row as said, nothing changed on the app’s side. I’ve finally added a lookup row in the “Biblio exercice” as well and managed to add filters on the details page to show only the exercices related to the program displayed.

Thank you for your patience, even though the documentation is really well done, it’s sometimes tricky to get it right at the first try :smile:

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