Getting stuck pulling in data from an unrelated dataset | Airtable X Glide

Explaining my issue below - any genius would be appreciated!

It would be more useful to see the data in the Glide data editor as opposed to the Airtable. I can’t speak for Airtable specific columns, and how they work with Glide, but in Glide you need a multiple relation column that links the lesson to all lessons. Then use that relation as the source of your collection. As for the profile, you need a single relation that links the lesson to the profiles table. Then you can use a ‘Show Detail Screen’ action with that single relation to directly navigate to the coach’s profile.

Basically you are using a lookup type of column when it should be a relation. Airtable calls them linked records. They are similar in many ways, but also a bit different. Don’t be afraid to throw in some glide computed columns here and there when necessary. You don’t have to have all of your logic in Airtable columns.

Hey Jeff, Thanks for responding

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Is your screen displaying the details for the series, or for a lesson?

So for the Proile bit - It’s series page and database
For the related all lessons - it’s on the lesson page and database

So to be clear, you are viewing a particular lesson within a series, and on that same screen you want to display all related lessons in the same series as the lesson you are currently viewing? I’m just trying to establish which table that screen is currently attached to so I can be sure we are putting the relations in the correct table.


there are 5 lessons in a series
When clicking into one lesson - the 5 lessons also show up on the right side of the video so people can quickly click to the next one

Ok first make sure you check the ‘multiple’ checkbox in your relation in the lessons table. I assume you want the relation to return multiple matches. Second, a relation looks for a matching value. I’m not sure how you have your ‘All Lessons’ column configured in Airtable, but I assume you have a common value among the lessons, such as a series name. It’s that series name that you want to use to create the link. Relations look for an exact match. It looks like you are trying to compare a name to an array of row IDs, which will never match because they are two different things. If you have a series name or ID in your series table, then you can create a relation linking that name/id to itself in the same table.

For the profile issue, I’m a little confused because you are showing the series table. If I’m understanding correctly, your screen is attached to a row in the lessons table, so that is where you need a single relation to the coach’s profile. Not in the series table. But I’m further confused because what you are showing seems to indicate that the screen is attached to the series table.

So I’ll ask again. It’s your screen showing details for a particular row in the series table, or is is showing details for a particular row in the lessons table.

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