Sorting a list of video games by genre

Hello all! I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy.
I’m following this tutorial here on how to go about achieving what I want to do, but I’m running into trouble.

In short, I have a list of video games that have multiple genres attached to them. I’m trying to make my app list all the games, and when a game is tapped on, it takes user to the details page, showing all of that specific games genres. For example, tap on Fortnite. Takes you to Fortnite page. Fortnite would be in genres “shooter”, “multiplayer”, “survival”. How do I get all of the genres listed on the games page?

Forgive me if it’s very simple, been locked up for weeks and brain is turning to mush lol, just trying to learn some new things!

This post might help:

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Yes! Wonderful thank you!