Can't seem to make Multiple Relation work

Guys, the tool is phenomenal however I got stuck on multiple relations, and it has been for 36h now.

My app lists a series of products. Each time that a user clicks on a specific product, I would like them to see recommended items below in a tile format (similar to Amazon’s recommendations).

The recommended items are set manually: e.g. if a user clicks on Perfume X, make sure you recommend Aftershave Y and Balm Z.

Do you guys have an existing template to share with me to set this type of relations?

Thanks a million in advance.

I don’t already have a template, but you could achieve this a couple of ways. The easiest way that comes to mind would be list all your products in one list and assign them all specific “recommend” categories (x, y, and z would have the same category). Then do a multiple relation to the category. —the only issue with this is that the product they’re currently viewing will also be in the list.

I wish there was a special value filter condition for “is/is not current row”…could also potentially solve this issue I’m having:
Button > Link to Screen > Same List Item?

Thanks Robert. I understand the glitch, however if I’m recommending a totally different category, the issue shouldn’t present.

E.g. item I’m visiting is in the “Perfumes” category. Related categories are “Aftershaves” and “Balms”, so I don’t think I will be recommended Perfumes again.

I will give it a shot right away and let you know. Thanks again.

You could have a list next to this list that has the recommended items and use a filter that identifies that list based on the product in the list next to it. If you cannot get this to work. Let me know. I can take a look at it for you and get it up and running.

I built a Movies recommendation app based on Genre.

It is functional, with a few issues, but to be honest, I don’t like it.

I created:

  • a separate column for each genre

  • a separate inline list for each genre

  • a layout to show movies from each genre using the inline list associated with that genre

  • a condition to check if the item in the inline list had the genre in the Genre column (to filter out blanks)

I am not a fan of this because it is not scalable. This design requires a separate column for each genre, and there could be any number of columns for each classification (Genre, Cast, etc.)

Besides, I would like the recommendations list to be a single list, instead of 7 lists that vary in length currently. A single list would allow me to limit the items to a few only.

Anybody has any better ideas that are better than this brute force approach?

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How are you choosing your “recommendations list”, is there a column for that?

It is not a single list.
There are 7 lists for each genre.

Why not use the buttons across bottom of app for each genre so you r menus are more customizeable and appealing?

That’s not the point of this conversation. :slight_smile:

I was responding to the genre for movies. I already gave a solution for this post:)

I saw someone (you) state they were unhappy with theirapp, if you use the bottom buttons to create the first subgenre you could use the drop down for the second then my method for the 3rd and 4th. It would look a lot more professional.

Also use a list that when a item is selected it is temporarliy saved in your google sheet that uses that data as a vlookup to identify another list. All simple things my friend :slight_smile:

You should only need to create 5 or so columns in the movies sheet. Name then ‘Genre 1’, Genre 2’, etc. This will create an array column of ‘Genre’ that you will use to create a relation back to the same ‘Genre’ column in the same sheet. This will give you a list of all movies that have matching genres. If you need more than 5 genres for a single movie, then simply create more. Completely scaleable and you only need one inline list.

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@Jeff_Hager - I was working late last night when I did exactly what you have suggested. Perhaps I was too exhausted/occupied to see that it worked.

I rebuilt the app and it works like a charm.

Looks like I raised a false alarm! :slight_smile:
Thank you, @Jeff_Hager. You’re awesome, as always.