Sort a few inline lists - Possible?

Hey Guys!

So I have 7 inline lists of events, one after the other. I know I can sort every list by date, and I did, and now I want to sort all 7 together by date. Which means I’ll see all events, of all 7 inline lists, sorted be dates.

Thanks you so much!!!

You would need to get all of the info from the separate sheets into one sheet to do that. Is there any reason you need them separated? Otherwise you could use a google sheets query to join everything in one sheet and display that sheet as your list, but you won’t be able to edit any of it through the app. You could also create several relation columns from the query sheet to link that event to each sheet. The relation would show something if there is a match in each respective sheet. Then when viewing the event details from the queried sheet, you could add another inline list to further link to the event in the correct sheet. Seems like a lot of extra work when everything could just be in one sheet.

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