Sorry, I'm a novice - button and style quesitons

I’m blown away with this app. It is really fantastic for a newbie. I’ve got a couple of questions and need a bit of guidance. If I want my app to appear in the “cards style”, do I just share it when it is that format?

And the bigger question is can I add a button to the Cards style? I would like a button at the bottom that reaches out to me. I was able to add it in my components but I would also like to add it to my homepage.

Sorry if these questions make no sense…as I indicated, I’m new.


Any design changes are immediately published. You don’t need to reshare. As long as someone already has the link, they will eventually see the updates.

If you want a button with your list, then change the Style of the tab to the Details layout. Remove any components that show on the screen, then add a button component and an inline list component pointing to your data sheet and set to the cards style.


Welcome, @LarryK! No need to apologize for being new, we all started that way!


Wow Jeff - thank you so much for the quick reply. I was able to do what you suggest (at least I think I did it)… But I still may be missing the big picture. I’m trying to build a calculator that will allow a user to input a few variables for a very unique loan (to homeowner associations). I’ve got the math part down but the design is still giving me trouble.

If a user opens up the app in the Tiles or Cards Style, it looks great (but no button). Then if they progress to another page where they input their data, I can add the button (and its perfect via Zapier).

I was hoping to add the button to the tiles or cards styles - does my question even make sense ?

In order to add multiple components of any form to a page you need to set the page layout to Details. This then allows any combination of buttons, lists and whatever else you may wish to put on there. If you chose a Card layout (or indeed any of the list layouts) then they consume the whole page.

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Thank you so much…!!

Set the page layout here:

Then add an inline list from here:

And then your button / text / whatever else you need