Possible To Show Components on Cards or

I just added a component view to a card, but i can only see it on the details view and would like to see it directly from a card view.

I would like to rate them directly from the card or list view rather than going into details.

Is this possible?

Hey @mrimpossible

Definitely we can’t add components in a inline list yet. But you can achieve it creating a Relation column relating any columns to its own, in the same tab.

Like: Products > Products

  • Don’t forget to Match multiple

In your Detail view, you add a new Inline list component and choose this Relation you’ve just created, setup as Card, and add a Rating component below it

In this link I show a similar example, but I use the inline as a header from the store, take a look :point_down:t3:

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Super confused on how to do this on my setup.

Hey @mrimpossible, to echo @Lucas_Pires, you cannot add components on top of cards. The only one that exists right now is the favorite button. It would be neat though and I feel Glide is heading there. Might allow you to add different types of buttons besides the favorite button at some point.

Personally, I’d love to have the progress bar built into the tiles/card view. Whatddya think @Mark?

Something like this:


Yes - this would be great.