Add text in in Cards or Map View?

Is there a way to add a text box, or is that only in details view?

I want to add a note to top of those tabs.

Try adding the note to Details attribute of the Card layout. It should display the note with card.

That’s a good idea! But looking to add it to very top once and not every card.

Ah ok. One way I have seen different features been add and also list of media files (in card layout) is when using relations.

You can try this - add the note to another sheet and make a relation between this sheet and the data (list) that you want to display in the cards format. Then link the tab to the sheet (with note). Display the note as a feature, say text. Add the related data as an inline list (with card layout)

You can only add a text component in the details layout. There you can add your text component and an inline list for your cards list.


Ah! This worked for the cards tab, maps, not so much.