Rich Text in Cards Details

Is there a way to make the details of the Cards view appear as rich text as opposed to the inputted Markdown Language?

Here’s an example:
rich text preview

I wish!!!

Short answer is no, not now.

You also have only links there, and I believe the default card action will override your desire to click the link anyway, if we’re able to make it appear as rich text.

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Yeah, while it would be great to be able to click a link from the inline list view, I mostly just want it to look nicer. Seeing the brackets and asterisks just looks clunky.

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For lack of a more elegant solution, I just used a template column to edit out Markdown-specific characters (*, [, (, etc.) from the preview text. Not perfect, but better than nothing.

template column and CSS can make your dreams come thru… what exactly do you wanna achieve?

My two most wanted effects:

  1. The card subtitle to be rendered as rich text in list view (list added as component to details page)
  2. An added button, or clickable pseudo-button, for cards in list-view. Function: I have a newsfeed in my app, and users want to be able to “like” posts while scrolling through the newsfeed. Currently, they have to click to see the full post in its detail page in order to “like”.

I cant visualize your ideas… do you have a sample how it should look like?

Sure. In the below image, note the asterisks in the subtitle of the first post. These cause the text to be bolded on the details page, as it is displayed as rich text. However, the card list doesn’t display as rich text, so you see the Markdown notation, which looks sloppy.

In addition, when you click anywhere on each card, you go to that post’s details page. I want to add a button that you can click to just “like” the post, without having to go to the details page.

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ok… I see what you are into…
there is a very difficult way to get pretty much anything you want …
lots of CSS and lots of calculations…
sample app I did… the list is a flow of text with first letters enhanced.

Screen Shot 2021-10-22 at 5.20.09 AM


Custom CSS is great, but not so great if you are handing over apps to clients, or selling them as Pro templates.

I’d love to see Glide add native controls for us to set colours for the background & text of all text components. And generally more design options.

CSS stays when you hand over the app… mark “no-touch elements or fields”… and all is good… my customers do not complain… they asking for more

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Our primary goal is to sell Pro templates, so custom CSS is a no no. So need to work within that constraint.

You are wrong…

Screen Shot 2021-10-22 at 5.48.31 AM

all CSS an scripts are ok

Sorry I meant exclusively in the Glide store, not independently.

independency and open doors… is one of the biggest strengths of Glide.
That’s why I know… they will… one day beat google sheets…

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Not sure what that means exactly, but thanks anyway.

Glide is moving into making glide tables the base for a database… and columns to be formulas… it is a long shot but in the right direction… and Glide is the closest one I know to make it happen that the database is … a database… a sheet… an app… a formula… an interface… script…a photoshop (maybe the last challenge they will do)… a forum… a social media for coders…

Screen Shot 2021-10-22 at 6.20.23 AM

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