Makdown in Title for Inline list and Calendar

Hello, I’m trying to use markdown in title for both inline list and calendar.
It seems Glide display only basic text.
Use case: Both views are used to display actions items to be performed. Tracking of action closure is done with a Switch button setting a true value in a specific field. Then according to the specific field, I set the title with Markdown (in my case strikethrough format), but in glide it displays as it is a basic text.

Did I miss something to have the expected display?

Thanks for the support!

You didn’t miss anything. Rich text is only supported in the Rich Text component, as you have found out it isn’t support in the inline list, calendar or any other multiple column style component. I suspect this is due to the limited space available for those combined style components. For instance how would multiple line Rich Text lines be supported in an inline list. It could result in varying lines for each listing which would be difficult to manage.


Thanks for the confirmation.
I did this workaround, adding in front of the text a special character char(10003), which is a kind of check tick, highligthing the action item is done.

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Great solution!