Some map pins not displaying correctly

Hi There,

I’m building an app and have paid for the PRO version. Some of my map pins are not displaying correctly and the other are 100% correct.

I have followed the same procedure over and over but some still sow the pins in other countries or in the oceans. I’m using coordinates and not addresses. The formatting is the same on the incorrect map pins as it is on the correct map pins. I only have about 100 pins, so it’s not like there’s a lot of pinns either.

Does anyone know what the problem could be?

My app’s URL:

Can you add a map view inside each of those records, pointing to the coordinates column and try opening it on Google Map to see if it’s correct?

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Hi @jsnmrk , may I ask which countries are your 100 pins located? I think I remember someone from Japan saying his pins weren’t accurate on Mapbox but I could be wrong. Also, MAYBE try logging out and refreshing your browser as I just learned that trick myself yesterday for solving some issues. Hopefully your problem can be solved soon and/or someone more knowledgeable can help you. Good luck

You mentioned that you are using coordinates, but is the address setting on the map actually using that coordinates column? Can you share some screenshots of your map settings and some of the data?