Incorrect pin on the map

Good afternoon!

I am making a travel guide application. But I faced the problem of incorrect display of pins on the map - they do not correspond to coordinates. I put in the database table the coordinates (exactly the coordinates, not the address) of the places - all the coordinates are in the same city. And the application map shows pins incorrectly, randomly around the world!

To figure out what the problem might be, I changed the coordinates to others, I tried to delete them, but the application map still shows them in different places, where it showed incorrectly the first time.

Tell me who knows what else can be done to make everything work correctly

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Are you using the column with the coordinates in the address setting of the map? Can you share one of the coordinates that is incorrectly displaying?

Hello @Olga how are you? I leave you a form so that you can do it, it worked for me, for example with this location: 1500 Stuyvesant Ave, Union, NJ 07083, United States.

In order for it to recognize the exact place, you must copy the coordinate segment between ā€œ@ā€ and ā€œzā€: /@40.703168,-74.2651542,15z/

I hope it helps you. Greetings from Argentina

Thank you all for the advice!

That was my fault -
accidental error in binding a column to an address type column