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I have many locations set up on a map using GPS/lat-long coordinates. They all work except for two. I’ve triple checked the numbers and it shows the right map in details but not on the splash screen.

Instead of New Jersey the one shows up in South Africa and the other from California appears in Italy. Marathon Equipment - Produc...

In my Google sheets I have 40.86882, -74.0532 and 38.537811, -121.394366

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Looks to be correct for me?

As I say, most of my 25 Mapbox pins show up accurately. It’s only a few that go off on a world tour and I can’t figure out why.

Can you confirm that the address setting for the map list is actually pointing to the column that contains the coordinates?

I haven’t used it in a while and found that a few of the legacy things got disjointed a bit over time. Somehow the map settings became based on address rather than GPS. I’ll need to roam around again and try not to botch things up as I relearn how to make magic happen.
If Glide is purposely breaking things to reinitiate interest, it worked. Ha.

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