SMS Center

Sharing my SMS CENTER built on Glide Pages. I did a 3 day sprint this week for this project. The goal of the app is a one stop shop for all SMS sending needs. I used Google Apps Script and Integromat.


  • Sending of SMS (free text or template)
  • Contacts Management (individual or csv uploading)
  • Group management
  • Templates
  • Dashboard

I already have 2 clients who will use this and hopefully I could get some more in the future.

Next features:

  • Scheduled SMS
  • Sequences
  • Shopify integration (request from a client)


Thank you Robert for the csv uploading tips!

Uploading: screencapture-smscenter-glide-page-dl-74c4fe-2022-06-09-16_29_45.png…


Looks great! Thanks for sharing!

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Nice! I built my own SMS glide app a few months ago as well!


How did you send SMS? Is this feature on only in Glidepages or Can I use on web as well?


It’s using twilio on the backend.

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