Single value throu QUERY

If i do “Single value” throu QUERY and applying sorting inside QUERY it doesn’t to change sort order and Single value still see scheet order
Does it’s a bug or i missed something?

I would consider that a bug.

Yes, this looks like a bug!

Furthermore, there is a second bug in the Query column, the Sort By field treats any Date column as a Text column, therefore its sorting is incorrect.

I could see that bug days ago and now, watching your video I can remember it very well.


If a text so why still not sorting? Have a look
Query sv text??


Although your screen and texts are too small to see all this well, I think Glide sorts your dates (array) perfectly when the Sort by field is using the new column created by Format Date plugin (X parameter → Unix timestamp in seconds) which is using a number (but is handled as a text internally).
That’s fine and with this setup, bug #2 is not present.

The problem is still bug #1, what you reported in the beginning.

Hmm, is a news for me that you cant read text on my video. I see is 1080p HD and on my screen looks well. Next i will try to zoomig screen. Thanks

no problem!

This is how I see your video :grinning:

On my 2k screen looks much more sharp. But free vidyard don’t allow higher than HD. I’ll try to find another tool