Single Value NOT available in Template Column

I have a Single Value that is pulling from a Relation. I would like to use a Template Column. I am able to select other Single Values except for the “PkgQtySingle”. Explanation?

Seems like you’re pulling back an array there. Templates can only work with values that are not an array. What is your use case here?


Use Case: Using Choice to pull ‘Package Quantity’ into Inline.

As you can see there are ‘Items’, ‘Current Stock’, ‘Package’, and ‘Package Quantity’.

**Each ‘Item’ is associated with ‘Package’ and ‘Package Quantity’.

***The Problem: Each ‘Item’ can be used multiple times from other ‘Package(s)’. It is able to match the ‘Current Stock’ with the ‘Item’, but what I am needing is the ‘Package Quantity’ to list in the Details for each ‘Item’.