Single value new bug?

recently i made a single value from a split text (from a template with many datas). I succed using a column called “array number” which allow me to get the right number of each row.
i ve been helped by a tuto called “miracle method”
Since yesterday, this is not doable. When i create a new column single value and get 'from start" then row the “array number” from 0 to 7, i have the split list again instead the targeted data in each row…
Do you know what 's happening ?

Can you show how the single value column is configured?

Sounds like you may not be targeting the split text column directly.

As you can see, did the same in table “COUREUR 2” but nothing happen.
I tried to create the same single list as i did in COUREUR 1 with same configuration and i didnt get the same resul than before…

the wrong single value

Pay attention to the array you are referring to. In the first one, you are directing referring to the array. In the second one you are going to the table first instead of directly selecting the array.


Jeff you are a genius