Single app for multiple storefront users

I’ve run into an issue that I’m hoping someone can help me work through. I have an app for public users and separate app for private users that use the same google sheet. Each of the private users has a virtual storefront where they can update their info. To update their storefront, the private users (which use a whitelist), the screen flow is…

  1. Login
  2. View list of storefronts that they are associated with and select the storefront they want to update
  3. For the selected storefront, choose which action you want to take from one of several buttons
  4. View the data from your storefront that is associated with that action

This works fine as long as each user is associated with only 1 storefront, but when someone manages multiple storefronts, it doesn’t work. Following the screen flow…

  1. Login - this works fine for users with multiple storefronts
  2. View list of storefronts that they are associated with - also works fine, displays a list of all storefronts the user is associated with.
  3. Choose which action you want to take from one of several buttons - Seems like it works fine, but this is where I’m losing the link to the previously selected storefront
  4. View the data from your storefront that is associated with that action - This is the problem. The data that is displayed is NOT for the storefront that was selected in step 2, but its always for the first storefront that’s listed on the Google sheet. Basically, the selection from step 2 is not “remembered”, and the details view displays the fields only for the first record in the list, which is not what was selected in step 2. I need my user to be able to view and potentially update the data for the storefront selected in step 2.

Thoughts? All help is much appreciated…

I hope that I explained it well enough. If not, let me know and I’ll answer whatever questions you have.

Maybe I need some visuals, but if you are viewing a list of storefronts, why not let them navigate into the details for that storefront, then allow per user editing and they simply click on the edit pencil? Are your buttons on the same screen as the storefront list, or are your buttons within the storefront details? In either case, it sounds like you are using Link to Screen buttons and then just filtering by signed in user on the the detail screen of the sheet that the button take you to. This will only show the first matching record from the filter.

I think you would need to establish relations and use an inline list or something like that to navigate to the correct record.

Let me try to describe again with screenshots. It’s a little more complicated than I described, as I want employees for each restaurant to be able to make several types of updates for a restaurant they are asscoiated with. Each of these types of data is stored in seaprate tabs of a google sheet. The screen flow which I’m hoping to follow is described below.

  1. User logs into restaurant app. The use case for this example is an owner/employee of 3 different restaurants. Using the data view, I have built an array of a list of employees per restaurant and display only those restaurants in the list where the logged-in user matches someone in that array. The user sees the following

  2. After selecting the restaurant that they want to manage, the user sees this screen. Users can publish a deal, update the restaurant information, or manage the employees of the restaurant. I have a button for each that links to a screen. There are separate tabs (screens) for deal data, restaurant data, and user data.

  3. No matter which button I select, the restaurant selection from the first step isn’t carried over for the button that was selected. for instance, when I click on the “manage deals” button, I am only ableto view the first deal in the deal table, and not related to the restaurant I selected in step 1. Similarly for the restarant data I can manage and the user - I can only view/update the first record in the table.

If I select the “manage deals” button…

If I select the “manage restaurant info” button…

Any thoughts on how I can keep this workflow and allow me to manage the info for the seclted restaurant in the first step? Can this be accomplished through relationships? I have a bunch of them set up, but perhaps not all that I need…

Link to Screen buttons do not carry over any information from the record they are on. This is where I was saying you need to establish a relation column from the restaurant sheet to all other sheets. Then create an inline list for each relation instead of a button. You can use the tiles style for each list to make them look like a button, but it will take you to the correct related record.