Hidden data tabs?

I am creating a hobby app for me and some friends to use for something we do and I’m almost there in terms of functionality, however, I’m struggling with how to link to data via buttons and charts etc.

I want each user profile to have a link to a page that has data that is visible only on that specific page. For clarity this is how I want it to work: Users Page > Select User “John Smith” > Page will display list of data, as well as charts that all pull data from a sheet specific to “John Smith”, if the user was to select “Jane Doe” in step 2, it would show data in the same format, however it would pull from sheets specific to “Jane Doe”, and so on

however, I can’t find a way to link to data that isn’t visible as a tab on the nav bar or in the hamburger menu?

Is there a way to do this?

This sounds like you’re having a sheet for each person? If so, I would not recommend that approach if you have the same data structure for every person that you will have in your app. Can you give us some screenshots on how you’re structuring the data?

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:point_up: what he said.

If you try and create an App with a separate table for each users data, you’re just creating way more work than you need to. If you have 10 users, it’s at least 10 times more work. 100 users, and it’s 100 times more work. Don’t do that.

Show us how you currently have your tables structured, and we’ll guide you to fix it.

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So the data is currently stored in a google sheet, we have Sheet 1 that contains a League Table, this data is updated manually, aside from a couple of formulas for points, win % etc., then there are other separate sheets which contain a list of individual fixtures which includes the team chosen, the score, the league that team play in, and the odds for that particular bet. My plan was to have an individual sheet for each user (around 15 in total) then a button on each users profile that directs to a new screen which pulls data from the sheet with their results on it.

I can only seem to add actions to a button universally, i.e., the button on each “player profile” has the same function, I’m aware I’m probably being very dense right now so feel free to enlighten me lol

This is where you are going wrong.
You should have all of your player results in a single sheet, and include a column that identifies the player. Either their email address or their RowID from your User Profiles table.
Then you can add a list/collection to your player profile screen using this results table as the source, and filter it by screen->player.
If you do this correctly, then each player profile screen will show the correct results without any further configuration required.


An alternative could be making a relation using the email, or row ID. A detailed screen with the source as the newly created relation can be shown by clicking a particular item in the list.

Okay that makes sense, I think I understand what you mean in terms of organizing the data, do you mean something like this: Data exmaple - Album on Imgur

In terms of filtering, how would I go about doing that? I see plenty of options for different filters but I can’t see one that seems to do what I need? I was hoping for there to be a way that, depending on what player page you entered, it would automatically filter based on who you clicked, what combination of filter options would I need to select in order to do that?

Again, I apologise for being dense, still getting to grips with the platform.

No. In that image you’ve duplicated all the columns for each player.
Just have one set of columns.
So all of your player email addresses should be in a single column.

Yes, that’s because you don’t have your data setup correctly yet.
Once you’ve reorganised it as above, then you have do something like the below:

  • Make sure you have a separate table that has a single row for each player, and a column that contains their email address
  • In this table, create a multiple relation that matches the email address with the email address in your results table
  • Now in the layout, add a collection to your user/players details screen that uses that relation as a source

The above might not be exactly what you want. But if you try that first it should give you the idea, and then you can adapt it to your App.


Thank you for the help, I think I figured out a way to do it (altough it might be a bit of a bodge as opposed to an actual solution) I added a Name column, similar to what you suggested, and added a filter for Player “is” Name, which only shows me results for the player whose page you are currently on, worked a charm! Thank you for the help, wouldn’t have figured it out otherwise!

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