Simple Local Covid 19 help app

I have just lauched an app for my local community highlighting services being provided by local businesses and groups during the current lockdown.

The app is at

Couple of questions, if this is right place.

If I change the app logo, will it change for people who have already downloaded, I presume not?

I have links from each listing going to Facebook profile of the listing. The links all ask the user to login to Facebook, rather than just load the page in the users FB app. Is that normal?


I wouldn’t count on the logo changing. Maybe on newer Android devices, but definitely not in IOS.

Facebook has always been weird for me with links. Sometime they open in the app and sometimes they open in the browser. I am personally logged into facebook in both the app and the browser, so I don’t get the login page, but it is annoying when the browser opens instead of the app. I really don’t have good answer around this. You can build links that will deep link into facebook, but they are different for IOS vs Android. The more I googled for an answer, the more confusing and complicated it all seemed. If you really need something, I would maybe explore a url shortener, like, which appears to possible handle deep linking. I’m not sure though. Sorry I dont’ have a better answer.

Jeff, thanks a lot for the input, very much appreciated. Will have a look at the URL shorteners and the other links. Just a little bit frustrating. I am testing on an iphone 11 and although I am logged in on the browser it always asks me to login again. Seems to work fine on Android.

Thanks again

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Great! Please add it here:

Hello, we are developping an app to help manage the pandemic crisis in developing countries.
Interconnect hardware manufacturer, identify needs, auto-diagnose functionality, geolocating potential cases, locating hospitals and avilability in beds, etc…

For this we need the opinions of experienced people. If some of you could help us out it would be ver useful.