Signup sheet issue


I have a google sheet with a column of items and I want Parents to sign up in another column.

Is there a way to give multiple sign up rows for a single item.

What do you mean by “sign up”?

Sign up sheet with Items for party food and names of people. So if I had cookies as an Item, I want 3 people to sign up. If I had Juice, I want only 1 person to sign up

I tried marking the extra columns in my sheet as protected. So though I wont be able to add more rows in that column via google sheet. The glideapp lets me add rows to a protected column without throwing error :frowning:

here is link to the app

The juice tab should have had only 1 sign up. I had marked that column as protected. I cant add more rows via google sheet but I can keep on adding more rows via glideapp

There isn’t a way to do it via the method you mention, basically to suppress the + (Plus icon) once a certain number of rows are added.
If you structured it in a way that you had an event, which would be a single row. Then besides the event info columns you would have 3 columns for cookies and 1 for juice, you could have another sheet with Parents names, and create choice components for each of those cells. A parent would go into the event and then put their own name as the one that is signing up to bring that item. You couldn’t prevent another parent from changing things and adding their own name in place of the other if you use this method however.

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How about if you have a sheet that lists all of the items in one column and a name in another column. So cookies would be listed 3 times and juice would be listed once. That sheet would be your Party Food tab. Create a second sheet with a list of names. In the Party Food tab, display it as a list. Then apply a filter that will only show rows where the name column is empty. When viewing the details for each food item, either add a Choice Component that points to the Names sheet, or allow editing on the record and add a Choice Component for the Names. Once that is done, create a second tab and point it to the same Party Food sheet. Now add a filter that will only show records where the Name is not empty. This will give you 2 tabs where the first one will only show food items that are not signed up for and the second tab will show food items that have been signed up for. That way people can’t sign up for more items than are available. You could also use Per User Data and use emails instead of names and completely eliminate the choice component. That way a user would only need to edit the details of a food item and using the Email Special Value, it would automatically add their email to the food item once they submit the change. Then you could change your second tab to filter by per user data as well as filter by Name/Email not empty. That way nobody can hijack a food item that’s already been claimed.

As for protecting rows in the sheet, that will not work.