Signature component bug?

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Describe the bug:
My app is designed to present various formation sessions. Users can subscribe to theses sessions.
The tab “formations” presents the session. In the detail screen of one formation, user can subscribe by clicking “Je clique pour m’inscrire” in order to fill in the form.

There is one table “Agenda” to store the various formation sessions and one table “Inscription” to store the user data subscription. In this table “Inscription” their is one column “signature”.

On the subscription form, if I select the signature component, the list of data available is from “Agenda” table instead of “Inscription” table.

So I cannot select “signature” column.

Expected behavior:
Choosing signature component should propose me the right column from “inscription” table

Link to demo recording:

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Can you try to shift the component inside the container? Also the destination where the for writes the data, should have a column to store signature

same problem when the component is shifted inside the container.

Bonjour Gonzato,

J’ai exactement le même problème. Le support de glide me dit qu’un ingénieur travaille dessus (28/02/2022).

Le composant signature fonctionne toujours parfaitement sur Glide Apps.

Est-ce que de ton côté cela bug encore ?

Bien à toi,

Hello Gonzato,

I have the same issue. Glide’s support tel me that they working on it (28/02/2022).

The signature component work well on Glide Apps.

Still a problem for you ?

Kind regards