Signature Pad component limitations?

I want to find out if there is a way of signing forms in Glide on the Starter subscription?

I have a basic app where users have to provide their signature at the end of a form. When I first tested the signature pad component it worked fine and it looked like it was free to use. But now I get a message stating that I have to upgrade my app in order to use it.

When I asked the Glide support chat about this it replied with: "Yes, the Signature component in Glide is free to use. "

However, on Glide Pricing, it states that the signature pad is only available on the Pro subscription. For my client, upgrading to pro from started is a bit steep just for the signature component.

Is there any way around this in order to generate signed forms in Glide on a started subscription?

The only thing I can think of would be to have your users upload an image of their signature and save it in their User Profile. Then attach that image when they need to sign.

I guess in theory that could work but the problem with my case is that random people (20-50/day) will be using the form to fill in their details and sign at reception, so they won’t have user profiles.