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Glide Team,

Need some clarification pls. Having read a post on this forum, I tested Glides Instagram app to see if the public with sign in could actually be disabled but still allow ppl to sign up once they had viewed the public part of the app. It actually worked. So when you download the Instagram app, it asks (1) to sign in and then (2) to sign up to post images. I changed the public with sign in to public only. Then downloader the app afresh. I didn’t have to (1) sign into it, and (2) only gave my email add when signing up to post images. Am I missing something here, because this has been a major issue for a lot of us who want ppl to be able to allow those who download an app to view app and then if they like what they see to sign up. If this function is already there, and I have tested it, why are we not advised to use it. Is there something I am missing here? would appreciate expert clarification., pls.