Sign up with Google

When a user signs in with Google i’d like to capture their name and profile pic. Any ideas?

Should those fields remain editable afterwards? Like can your user change their name and profile pic after, theoretically, you automatically retrieve it for them?

Yea it can be editable, but at this point, when someone signs up to my app with google I don’t seem to be able to access their name and profile pic, so I can’t add them to the database (only their email address)

Yeah, if this is even possible, you will add it through an external service. Glide can’t do that automatically for you.

Would that external service be able to link into the signup process? I’ve played with Gravatar after they’ve signed up to go get the profile pic, very hit or miss

Kind of. If you find a service like that, trigger Integromat to look at new rows from that sheet, take the email and send a HTTP GET request to that service, retrieve the name and the image back. That’s my idea.

That might take a toll on your Integromat quota though, so you might use AppScript to trigger sending the email to the webhook every time a new row gets added to your users sheet.

That’s providing you can find a service that provides the name & image from an email.

I can only assume this will require the user to authenticate this add on, as it’s going to be looking into their account…

You don’t have to require anything, if the service you find can do that for you. The problem is finding that service, I haven’t been able to find anything reliable from my searches.

Edit: maybe you can try this.

Sadly it’s a bit beyond a no-code user

I think Google Sheets does it automatically nowadays. Try to create a new sheet and create a column with emails. It should shows a popup to you about this new feature. I saw this few days ago.

Thanks Victor, would this mean i’d need to incorporate a google sheet into the app? I’m hoping to keep all the sheets Glide native, but certainly worth a look - cheers


If you mean this feature “Convert to people chip”.

Then I think what it does is:

  • Convert the email to a “chip” that shows details when you hover over it (including the image and the name, if available).

  • Change the content of the cell from the email to the name (you lose the email).

  • Image is not available as a field for you.

@Mark and I had a talk about this at one point before…allowing name and photo to auto populate if sign in with Google is turned on.

He said it wouldn’t be difficult, but it would need to be a request is all,


Done :grinning:

How did you do it?

No solution yet - please vote on the feature request