Access to name and avatar image from Google sign in


I have enabled sign in with google and collecting real email. In the profile section, I have mapped my User table to Name, Email, and Image. However, when a new user signs in with Google, I have just their email, and column Name and Image are empty. Any solution?

Yes, that’s correct.
The only attribute that’s captured when a user signs in is their email address.
You’ll need to create a basic onboarding flow to collect the additional information.
There are plenty of examples of this to be found, however the general approach is usually something along the following lines:

  • Create a tab to use for onboarding, point this at your User Profiles sheet
  • Add input components for those additional attributes (name, image, etc) that you want to capture
  • Add a column in your User Profiles sheet to use as a flag (something like Has Profile?)
  • Use the state of that column to either show or hide the onboarding screen/tab
  • Once a user has updated their profile, you set that flag and they never see that screen again
  • You can also use the state of that flag to hide all other tabs/screens if you wish.

I usually have that “Has Profile” column as a number and have a button to increase that by 1 once all the required fields are filled.

I see, perfect, I will try it soon

Nice :+1: in this way we can even multi steps for a profile completion and use that number as an indicator to shows how many steps of profile already completed. I mean when we do such an onboarding with multiple steps, for instance if user leave the app in step 1 and back we show them the step 2 till reach to the final steps, lets say step 3. Or if only step 1 is required then we can always use this number to apply some changes in the interface to remind user to complete their profile, even disable some abilities in app until they pass those steps. Although we can have multiple flags too. Btw nice approach

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Yes that’s a great point.

One of my apps has a 5 stage onboarding process, and I track the users progress with a simple number column. At each step of the process, the user is presented with two buttons: ‘Continue’ & ‘Go Back’. Continue increments the ‘OnBoard Stage’ by +1, and Go Back increments the ‘OnBoard Stage’ by -1. This all happens on a single tab, with the value of the ‘OnBoard Stage’ column driving component visibility.

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Is bringing in the name and photo not possible? I’ve built this functionality in other no-code, and of cause all the big apps do it! Keen to know if someone has found a way of doing it. I’m currently in beta with my product and this has been a non-intuitive experience for people signing up with google - there is an expectation of efficiency which doesn’t materialize.

There’s a gravatar plugin to get the image from an email.

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Showing up as blank, do I need to do this as part of an action to trigger it?

I don’t know why Glide’s one was not working, so I put some Javascript into Github.

Gravatar returned an empty fallback image for both of your emails in the screenshot. It worked for my personal gmail though.

The link to use in your experimental code column:
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Yes how strange. I took your code and gave it a go too, I couldn’t get any of them to work, including your email address! But this one did work - very abstract.

Thanks for showing me the code.

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