Button Doesn't Work

My app’s URL:

I start to use Sign-in button on Admin tab, but the sign-in pop-up doesn’t show up
Anyone can help this issue?

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The sign in button worked for me. iOS 14 iPhone

Any luck with this? It’s not working for me either!

So your users can not log in at all?

They can. I’m trying to introduce the Sign In button function since I didn’t have it before. But it’s not working. I bring it up as a component and choose “Sign in” in features. Then nothing happens!

Apparently, the Welcome screen is supposed to pop up, but it doesn’t. At lease not in the editor. I will try it on the actual app URL and see.

That didn’t work either because the Welcome screen is the first thing a potential user sees, so they don’t see the sign in button first. I’m confused as to how to make them see content inside the app before they see the welcome screen like they show here.

I’m actually trying to wrap my brain around this as well. I want:

  • users to see a sign in button if they haven’t signed in
  • see a complete profile button in its place if they have signed in

Anyone get this to work? @Lucas_Pires?

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Public or public with email app?

Right now its public with email—i want to convert it to public and only sign in if they want to create a profile / link to preentered data.


Got you… I’ve done something similar here, but not using the sign-in action, I created with username and password

Username: Lucas Pires
Password: 123abc

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Hi Robert, is this what you are referring to? I got the sign in to work perfectly which allowed me to switch from public with email to public - eg. Club Lobby Tab in my app ->
Visibility is set to “Show component when email is empty”
While I don’t have a complete profile button I can add that in using the same conditions (I assume).
However where I struggled was to somehow have the onboarding screen (and no other tab possible) come on first sign in. If you end up finding some way or conditions to implement this do share.

PS: Thanks so much for all the help you have provided me through your videos and on these forums over the past couple of months

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if you publish the app it works , for me its not actually working in the editor, so its better always to verify on the " world " , as for the tablet which shows double column view even for the inline list details , this is not.In this case in the editor if i press button with sign in action doesn’t make pop up nothing.