Side menu "Sign up / Create Account" Link when user is a guest

So my app is almost ready.

It is possible to use my app as guest. If I open the menu as guest I see a sign in (Einloggen) link. But I have no account at this moment. It would be great if glide could show here a sign up/Create Account link instead as long as the user has no Account.

When I click on sign in (Einloggen) there is a blank screen.

Hmmm I don’t get it.

Seems odd that you are seeing a blank screen, but that button is how you create an account as well as sign in to an existing account. The editor is also a little different, because you are also signed in and can’t sign out. It defaults to your Google account unless you are previewing as another user.

Do you get a blank screen when you tap on the sign in button on your phone or when viewing the app through the published url? What is your Privacy setting for the app? What is your color theme are you using? It’s possible that fields are there, but are white and appear invisible.


It is throug the publisher url with the light white color sheme.

The color sheme has no effect.

Privacy Settings:

Chrome Browser.

The blank screen always happens in the builder.

Do you have any data in your google sheets aside from headers?

I have published the app. Works like expected.